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Thank you for signing up to this Starter Kit.


I have created 6 short (the max time is just over 10 minutes) videos to guide you through my key philosophies and tools to bring you confidence & control in your experience of life.


The idea of this kit is to give you a taste of how I work & what I teach but also to equip you with practices that you can keep for life.


My promise to you is that no matter what you are navigating right now – applying the concepts I share in this Starter Kit will help you, & if you need support at any time, I am right here.


Take each video at a time, refer to the accompanying model pdf’s, take notes if you wish & get started!

Your Starter Kit Content awaits...


What to expect in this little kit. I wanted to create something simple & accessible for you to use as often as you wish. Enjoy!

The 5 Minute Rule

A busy life calls for simple & sustainable steps to create change. This tiny practice when applied consistently, has the power to change your life.

The Connection Pathway

A lack of direction or simply not knowing where to start can leave you feeling helpless. This pathway will keep you on track with you goals in sight.

The Empowerment Model

It's time to put YOU first. I recognise this is one of the hardest things to do but when you do this - everyone benefits. THIS is what I teach you to do.

The Connection Pyramid

Think of this as your check-in reminder. What are the signals or 'triggers' within your day? What is the source of what your are experiencing in life?

The Think Tank

When you become aware of your patterns you can change anything. The Think Tank equips you with the skills to uncover & rewrite them on your terms.

Your Starter Kit Resources

The Empowerment Model

The Connection Pyramid

The Connection Pathway

The Think Tank

If you have any questions at any time you can email me directly at & if you’d like to meet & chat through your specific situation, needs or objectives you can book a free, no obligation call right here too.

Starter Kit Bonus Content

Knowing where to start when you you want to improve life can feel like such a minefield, not least because it brings up the question of…

Who am I??

What do I actually want?

Why do I want this?

I created a super simple little training that encourages you to explore these questions.

Life is too short to remain feeling stuck.

Indulge in YOU for a short time using this little workshop and print of the accompanying PDF for support.

As ever, I am here if you need me.


Your Mini Success Roadmap Workbook

*This bonus video training contains information about a past coaching programme. For up to date information please explore my website or email me at

10% OFF Discount Code

I sincerely hope that this Starter Kit has given you a taste of what is possible for you. I believe with all my heart that anyone who takes on board these concepts and applies the principles I teach can master the elements of life that we can control.


In a nutshell this is the pieces that make you – YOU. How you react, respond and therefor influence the circumstances of your life.


If you would like support and guidance to do this, this one-off code can be applied to any of my offers and services.


If you would like to understand better what would work best for you I encourage you to book a FREE no obligation Connection Call with me to discuss your specific needs.

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IMPORTANT – If you do not see a time that suits you please email me at

There are often times that I can tweak to meet your needs.

Please ONLY book a Connection Call if you intend attending as missed appointments may not be rebooked.

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