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Fulfil your ambitions without compromising on life.

Are you ready to become the leader of your life?

You may well be feeling like you are at the mercy of your emotions & life experiences & circumstances.


Navigating the challenges of modern life can make us feel so isolated.


Between work, parenthood, love & lifestyle it can be hard to see where one problem starts & another ends.


Home life impacts business, career impacts love life, lifestyle impacts parenthood, & somewhere along the way your identity becomes lost in doing rather than BEing.


Human beings are emotional creatures of habit. Driven by our feelings we can quickly find ourselves stuck in patterns that challenge our confidence, resilience & resourcefulness.


I want you to know that you are not alone.


It is my mission & passion to support you to find your path back to you with ease & joy & create success with balance in all areas of life.


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Client Love

Lin Courage

Certified Professional Life Coach, Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner & Wellbeing Consultant supporting women & organisations in the art of Emotional Empowerment & Resilience.

As well as my passion for coaching I am a mum to three boys & wife to my husband & partner of 25 years.


Through my coaching & consultancy I bring down to earth, simple & practical support from almost 30 years of experience across the property, construction & sales sectors, combined with my experience as a working mum, a business owner, a wife & generally all round normal human being.


I understand what it is to feel at the mercy of your experiences & circumstances. To feel so pulled in so many different directions that where to begin to get back to being you feels unfathomable.


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