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Transformational Group Coaching for ambitious women ready to become the leader of their life, dreams & emotions.


Does it feel like you are fighting your way through life without direction?


Are you immobilised by procrastination or fear of the unknown?


I had so many limiting beliefs that I had dragged through life with me that once I became a mum with a family of my own as well as my career & everything that comes with those gifts, I very quickly lost my sense of identity too.


If you feel disconnected from who you are & what you desire I want you to know you are not alone.


One of the most instrumental parts of my journey was not only seeking help & support, but meeting & working alongside other individuals who understood me.


Disconnection from your own sense of identity disconnects you from others, impacts relationships, parenthood & your professional life & clouds your judgement & choices.


After all how can you build & maintain authentic relationships if you are unable to be authentically you?


You may be feeling stuck & unable to follow through on the things you want in life, lacking in confidence in your professional life or unable to share yourself wholly in your personal life.


I believe that group coaching is the best way to embark upon your coaching journey. I will teach you the foundations of everything you need to know to regain your independence, your identity and your control over your life & experiences.


You can also combine group coaching with 1:1 sessions & we can discuss what will best suit your situation & objectives.


Book your free call to connect with me & explore your needs.

“Courage (from Latin: coeur): to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”

Brene Brown

The Connection Sessions Are you still craving change in your life?


Reconnect with… 

Who you are

What you want

Why you want it


…to find clarity in your life direction & fulfilment in your day.


This 12 week intimate group coaching journey will take you on an exploration of your inner world; your desires, your feelings & experiences. There are so many things that we have no control over in this life but there are also so many that we can that get overlooked.

The Connection Sessions will reconnect you with who you are so that you can master all those elements and create true control over your experiences.


It is time to fall in love with YOU & LIFE again.


Join a group of likeminded women to find direction & purpose beyond your day to day & create a vision of a future to feel excited about.


Sessions will take place on a Monday at 12pm (subject to majority demand) UK time and recordings and resources will be provided. Please contact me to express your preference. 


All participants will benefit from a private 1:1 NLP session at the end of the programme to complete the experience.


There will be a Private Facebook Community to maximise CONNECTION throughout and support your journey and development.


This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of something truly life changing.


Delivered over 4 months – this programme gives you room to breathe, grow and process the teachings at your own pace in a supportive community.


**Are you ready to be supported from now through until January and beyond with this incredible empowerment pathway?**


There are 2 options:

  1. Group programme only – super intimate and small group of likeminded women meeting once per week for 12 weeks (delivered over 4 months) £800 & payment plans are available to suit your budget.
  2. Hybrid to include 4 x private 1:1 sessions (1 per month) to explore your journey and objectives at a deeper level & experience the full impact of the principles I will be sharing. Total £1,200 including 4 private sessions.


PIF BONUS -FREE 1:1 coaching session and full support when you choose to pay in full. Start your journey back to you straight away with a private 1:1 coaching session to use before the programme begins or within the first 6 months as well as private WhatsApp chat for Q&A.


**This opportunity comes with a lifetime invitation to join future groups as often as you wish.**


We begin on October 9th & will break for the UK half term and Christmas holidays.


Book your free one-off session with me now to find out more & secure your space.

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If we have already spoken & you know this experience is for you, secure your space now by choosing one of the options below or arrange your free session now using the link above.




GROUP & 1:1 x 4

Not the right plan for you? Email me now or book your free call for more options & flexibility.