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I’m a practical, fun loving, straight talking coach who is passionate about helping you to connect with life & who you truly are – because when you are happy, everyone & everything in your life get to benefit too.


I’m also a 43 year old mum to my three boys & wife to my husband Guy who has been by my side for 25 years.


We live in beautiful Devon where I work from home offering remote session to private clients and workplace wellbeing workshops as well as travelling to deliver in-person training to organisations nationwide.

“Human beings are emotional creatures. We feel deeply. This is a good thing, unless our feelings run away from us and begin to control how we experience life.” 

Tony Robbins

As a Life Coach my role is to be a soundboard & facilitator, a mentor & an accountability partner. I am here to listen to you & support you to find & action your own solutions & path.

I use simple yet effective tools & strategies to help you to challenge your thoughts & emotions so that you find understanding & meaning in your experiences & the clarity to create an action plan towards your future.

I am a teacher of Emotional Resilience. The art of using your emotions for rather than against you.

With my support, you will process & move through your experiences using your emotions to empower & guide you.

I am here to provide you with guidance to build self awareness & integrate new skills that will support the changes that will positively contribute to your life.

My role as a life coach is to help my clients to take empowered control of their life & make meaningful progress towards their goals & aspirations.

What's with the Dandelions?

Dandelions represent: Joy, growth, healing, happiness & overcoming challenges.

They light up bare earth & adapt to change & the harshest of conditions.

They are tenacious & relentless yet bold & unassuming.


Dandelions thrive & all of these qualities are the values & passions that I live by & share with you.


They are a symbol of what is possible.


They are my silent mantra & reminder of how far I have come & the huge leaps of faith, in spite of all the questions & doubts that frequently gnawed at my heart.


My passion & drive is to help you to create the confidence, clarity & courage you need to fulfil your own dreams with conviction.