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Momentum is perfect for you if the busyness of business & family life feel like they are taking over your life.

Creating a life you love is one thing but even the very best, most successful people in the world need accountability, not just to keep going but to make sure that you are still heading in the right direction – for you!

Keeping momentum in the face of all the day-to-day challenges of life can feel so overwhelming when you have worked so hard for what you have.

Your creative and ambitious nature means that you frequently have new ideas but life happens and moments pass you by.

You just need a little nudge to remind you of where you are heading and what you want to achieve.


Is this you?

  • frequently anxious and stressed by keeping up with everything.
  • you just need to offload everything that is in your mind so that you can see the path ahead!
  • you know the importance and benefit of self care but you feel like life often takes over and you fall off your own priority list.
  • you have a to-do list as long as your arm and you just need to find a way to stay on top of everything.
  • craving the understanding of someone who has felt the way you feel.
  • family and work life balance feels out of whack and you want to create a peace and harmony that just works.
  • you are just so tired of doing all the things and never feeling like you are accomplishing anything.

By your side each step of the way

Your monthly reset button with me as your no BS guide to keep you on track.

This programme is absolutely perfect to follow-on from any other coaching you may have had, with me or otherwise.

Consider it as your monthly nudge to not just get through the month but excel through the month and smash your goals!


So how does it work?

The Momentum Sessions are 90 minute monthly sessions. Sign up is for a minimum period of 3 months for an investment of £495 followed by £165 per month for as long as you wish!

But that's not all!

A month can feel like a whole heap of time, even if you feel pretty ‘on-it’ so you have unlimited messaging with me Monday to Friday plus the option to have a 20 minute messenger or WhatsApp call with me too.

I want you to feel held.

I will be your soundboard & cheerleader to help you navigate the balance between motherhood, family life, business & dreams. 


The Momentum Sessions are designed for busy mums with little time to spare but no shortage of ambition!

By investing in The Momentum Sessions you will get;

3 x 60-90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions delivered over 3 months.

The sessions are tailored to your specific needs, there is no programme to follow and time is yours to discuss whatever has been your focus that month.

Each session we will outline a 30 day plan for the month ahead to give you the momentum and direction you need.

Change Starts with you... are you ready to live with Courage?

Do you have questions?

This is ALL about you. We work with who you are and at your pace. There is no race to the finish.


All the resources are available for you to work through at your own pace and take as long as you want. We all have different time commitments so I have designed this process to be as flexible as possible.

The 1:1 sessions are fundamental to your journey and I would encourage you to attend each one to get the full benefit of the experience. 

If you need to rearrange a session please give at least 24 hours notice.

If you’re still reading then there is your answer. 

If you are a mum, ready to create the life you want for you so that you can positively impact everyone else too, then you are ready for this.

Yes. Within the first two weeks from purchase only.

On my 1:1 & group programs yes but not on the workshops.

Everything I do and create is designed to be as flexible as possible with the purpose of eliminating and not creating more overwhelm. If you need me at any point I will be here to guide you.